1970 This company was established as related company of Hitachi-products distributer. Capital stock was 30 million yen.
1975 Built the first warehouse.
1978 Built the second and third warehouse.
1979 Started the works of real estate and insurance.
1982 Appointed as agent of Danfoss product and responsible party came to this office.
1987 Danfoss Gotenba factory built.
1991 Appointed as agent of U-can product and CEO of U-can Ando came to this office.
1996 Changed the office name to HONDAKIDEN K.K. Nobuaki Honda became CEO.
2005 Danfoss Japan branch withdraws from Japan but we continue to sell.
2018 Kazuya Honda manager of this company inspected Danfoss factory in Denmark.
2022 Kazuya Honda became the president.
Started business with ZEC.
Started business with Refrigera Industriale.


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